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Happy Birthday Jesus

When you married your best friend, you promised to love and cherish them til death parted you. When you joined the church you promised to support it with your time, talent, gifts, and service. Through your love of Christ and the worship and fellowship with friends, you began a long journey of both good and bad times, just as Jesus died. Spiritual growth seldom comes from peace and serenity; we learned that from Jesus, too.

As you ponder what gift you can give to Baby Jesus, may we point out it does not have to be baby things only. Jesus could certainly use a few new stuffed toys but just as He grew his needs also changed.

As He walked side by side with Joseph, he learned how to be a carpenter (and a committee was born called trustees). Since this is something near and dear to his heart, you might want to offer your services as a gift. After Jesus grew into manhood, he taught and had a special place in his heart for the children (and they could use some new books).

Along the way, he picked up twelve young men and called them his disciples. They often stayed with other families and food was a big thing so why not new things for our kitchen to make potlucks a little easier for all of our Martha’s?

As temples were built (we call them churches now), maintenance became a problem. Slaves cleaned back then; Trustees have the job now.

You staring to get the picture? Yes, it all started with Baby Jesus and it continued thru a life of dedication to the ultimate day. He hung on the cross. Whoever thought the birth and joy this child give to so many would end so tragically? So, as you ponder your gift, remember Jesus has many needs from us even today. Pay it forward but remember where it all started: with a baby in a manger. It’s still the greatest story ever told.

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I wish above all things that you may know how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ for you.