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Wall of Money Results

A huuuuuuge “thank you” goes out to all who donated to the Wall of Money! Your donations will do wonders for our youth who are attending mission trip.
Some statistics:
– We raised a whopping total of $1,404!
– A total of 31 people donated to the Wall of Money.
– Our largest donation was $269.
– A total of 12 people donated $50 or more.
A big thank you goes out to all who donated! This includes:
Meredith Moore
Kelly Patterson
Claudia O’Shea and Anastasia Christensen
Larry Rains
Lorie Ammon
Roger & Angela Romine
Sue Kim
Barbara Tatum
Kandy Burdette
Terri & Pat Moore
Joanne Marchant
The Putnams
Dave & Ilene Oldfield
Isiak Holiday
Jim Hanigan
Jacob Gooch
Nancy Hartman
Carl & Margaret Young
Victoria Bell
Judy Bader
Roxanne Rowdon
Lee & Melanie Willhite
Scott Bandy
Sarah Baird
Judith Charvat
Cindy Brown
Kim Rangel
United Methodist Women (a special thank you to these wonderful ladies who were our top donors!)
Howard & Sherri Stansell
Pat Khoury
Somehow, no one ended up winning the $5 Starbucks gift cards! For this reason, the gift cards will be sent to the 6 people who donated the most money to our cause. There people are:
Barbara Tatum
Dave & Ilene Oldfield
Howard & Sherri Stansell
Isiak Holiday
Victoria Bell
Kandy Burdette
Again, thank you to all who donated. Our funds will allow each youth to attend their trip for around $50 a person.

Brandi Morse
Youth Director

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